George Baker

Founder & Honorary Chairman

About George

In 1981, I made the decision to establish my own business. As with any new venture, the early years were tough, but with a wife, four children and bank funding secured against the family home, failure was never an option.


Now in 2019, a generation later, I am extremely proud to of what we have been able to achieve. Even more so with my son David now as the head of the family business, as Group MD and with my daughter Sharon providing invaluable support as Executive Director. The company has been thriving under their strong leadership and has been developing immensely since they first came on board 12 years ago.


Having now stepped aside from the day-to-day running of the business, I am gradually adopting a more ‘ceremonial’ role going forwards. This involves consultancy work, public speaking and representing the company on formal occasions. The latter I am very much enjoying, as I often get the opportunity to take full credit for everyone else’s hard work and amazing achievements.

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