Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance

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The UK’s Customs Specialists

Beginning solely as a customs brokerage in 1982, customs clearance has remained at the heartbeat of the George Baker Group for almost 40 years.

Now widely acknowledged as the UK’s customs specialists and market leaders within the customs clearance sector, we have developed a comprehensive array of services designed to optimise and support supply chains of all sizes.

Accredited with AEO status since 2009, and subscribing to all available customs simplifications, you can be assured that we are the perfect partner for importing and exporting your goods globally.

Why Choose Us

Expertise and knowledge on all customs simplifications

CFSP authorised, with additional CFSP warehousing capabilities

Electronically connected to all 26 major UK ports

Providing additional access to specialist customs regimes

Your Customs Specialists

Renowned for our specialist knowledge of customs import and export formalities, we have large and experienced documentation teams working solely on facilitating an efficient release of goods at the frontier.

Whether you are a first-time importer looking for some expert advice and guidance, or a regular importer looking to optimise your customs processes, we have trained teams ready to handle your clearance requirements, whatever the volume or complexity.

Customs Freight Simplified Procedures

With extensive knowledge of one of the most valuable customs simplifications available to importers, we are able to process import shipments under our own CFSP authorisation and on behalf of companies holding their own.

CFSP can provide you with substantial cash flow benefits, increased operational efficiency and a fast release of goods at the frontier. All of which can be particularly advantageous for large volume importers.

Contact us today to learn how you could benefit from this process.

Key Staff Members

Head of Customs

Project Development Manager

Connected Ports

We are electronically connected for customs clearance at:

London Gateway
Leith (Greenock & Coatbridge)
Tyne and Blyth
Bristol (Avonmouth & Portbury)
Tilbury CNS & MCP

Community Transit Guarantee

Holding a substantial community transit guarantee, we are authorised to move cargo under customs control without it being subject to import duties and taxes. Cargo being moved under this regime are often referred to as “T1 Goods”.

If you are trading with countries outside of the EU and importing the goods through a UK port, but selling the same goods to customers in other EU territories, you have the possibility of deferring the payment of duty and taxes in the UK and paying them in the final destination of the goods at the local rates of that EC country instead, through the use of a T1.

Port Health

If your business imports food products or goods intended for human consumption, we are the perfect partner as we have dedicated teams specialising in the importation and related processes.

What’s more, with extensive knowledge of Common Veterinary Entry Document (CVED) requirements, we can facilitate the release of your goods with local port officials and keep you up to date with the status of your shipment whilst it undergoes the regulatory health checks at the Port.

Freight Forwarder Services

As a fellow industry professional, the George Baker Group has proudly provided the freight forwarding community with a comprehensive customs clearance service for almost 40 years.

We ensure the highest levels of consistency and integrity when acting on your customer’s behalf, fully aware of our responsibility as an extension of their business.

Our reputation and continued support from within the industry, remains the strongest endorsement of our professional and trusted service, equal to, if not greater than what could be achieved in-house.

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