Cross Docking

One of the main reasons for needing a container to be cross docked is due to container unloading restrictions at end destinations. Most customers would prefer their goods to be delivered on a curtain sided vehicle rather than in a container. Our cross docking facility is perfectly placed to do this type of work.

Located on the port of Felixstowe, our premises are equipped with multiple dock leveler bays where we are able to safely and securely unload containers and re-load vehicles with ease.

With a fast, efficient and reliable full load trailer delivery service to any European destination we are able to offer an extensive European on carriage service and using our Community Transit guarantee (T1) we can also facilitate final Customs clearance and settlement of duties and taxes in the county of ultimate destination.

If you require your consignment to be unloaded from a container and immediately loaded onto a curtain sided vehicle for delivery then please Contact Us. Our cross docking facility accelerates speed to market by routing items to their end destinations as soon as they are received.