Specialist Transport

In addition to our own vehicles, George Baker (Shipping) Ltd work with experienced transport operators across the UK enabling us to offer services for all types and sizes of specialist transport work. 

Trailers include: 

  • Flatbed trailer - used for almost any kind of cargo, but goods need to be protected from the elements and theft. 
  • Tilt trailer - like a flatbed trailer, but with a removable PVC canopy. 
  • Curtain-sider - the mainstay of road haulage, this has a rigid roof and rear doors. The sides are PVC curtains that can be drawn back for easy loading. 
  • Box trailer - an entirely rigid unit, with loading through back doors. A secure option for valuable goods. 
  • Road train - a rigid vehicle at the front, which pulls a trailer behind it. 
  • Swap-body system - built to accommodate standard cargo containers. Allows containers to be swiftly transferred during intermodal transport. 
  • Low-loaders - often used for transporting heavy machinery and other outsize goods. Set low to the ground for easy loading. 
  • Vans are frequently used to transport smaller cargoes shorter distances.