Air Freight

For those urgent goods which have a strict deadline to meet we are able to offer the solution via air freight.  Our comprehensive agent network allows us to check rates both here in the UK with the airlines and at the origin points to enable the most competitive option.  We can provide both direct and in-direct flight options depending on budget and urgency.

Commercial airfreight generally comes into its own with consignments over 45 chargeable kilos.  The chargeable weight is calculated on a weight or cube basis.  The formula to work out the chargeable weight by the size is “Cube times 1,000,000 divided by 6000”.  The weight declared on the Airway Bill of lading is then the greater of the two.

Our locally controlled warehouses situated at the UK airports mean that we are able to transfer the goods into our bond, or collect as soon as Customs cleared, quickly upon arrival and Status 1 being set, so that expensive airline storage charges are avoided.

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