If you are bringing in cargo by sea as a part container load (LCL cargo),  your supplier in the country of origin may have included the shipping cost in his price and may have advised you to appoint a Customs Clearance agent at the UK port of arrival.  Unfortunately there is a limit to the extent to which we, as a clearance agent can influence the UK procedures and costs.  In fairness to you, you need to be clear on this. We must therefore respectfully request that you consider the 10 points listed below before proceeding to the appointment form. Once appointed we can advise details of the actual Customs procedures. 

Further information about LCL imports is available in the form of videos which can be accessed here.

(1)    If my supplier includes in his price to me the cost of shipment from the country of origin to the UK port of arrival, I understand that I will be fully responsible for ALL UK Handling fees once the goods have landed in the UK, and I also accept that I may not be able to get my goods released into my control until I have paid the shipper’s nominated ‘UK release agent’ in full.  I realise there is a distinct difference between the ‘UK release agent’ and any independent Customs clearance that I might appoint.  I understand that George Baker Shipping might agree to take on the responsibility to be my Customs clearance agent but would never agree to be the ‘UK release agent‘ for an overseas shipper.
(2)    I am fully aware that my supplier’s shipper in the country of origin will have arranged for his appointed UK partner (the ‘UK release agent’) to take my cargo into a Customs controlled warehouse on arrival at the UK port. I accept that this UK release agent will be appointed ONLY by the shipper. I accept that I have NO option to get a quotation for this service elsewhere or appoint my own nominated UK release agent.
(3)    I accept that I have no option but to pay the UK release agent for his involvement even if I consider the charges to be unreasonably high or disproportionate to the size and value of the shipment. I understand that the UK release agent’s fees will include items such as Terminal Handling charges , handover fees, documentation fees and/or rent charges. Charges which my supplier will know all about but may have forgotten to tell me about.
(4)    I fully understand that the charges mentioned in (3) above are a totally separate issue from the Customs Clearance documentation fees and agency fees (approx £60 perhaps ) that I might pay to an independent clearing agent if I appoint one. (such as George Baker Shipping Ltd for example).
(5)    I understand that any independent Clearing agent I decide to appoint will not be able to do anything to prevent the involvement or the cost of the UK release agent in my importation process. I accept my independent clearance agent has no involvement whatsoever in the charges mentioned in (3) above and has no way to know or estimate what these charges might be.
(6)    I realise that I do not need to appoint an independent Clearance agent at all even though my supplier may have told me to do so.
(7)    I fully understand that the UK release agent will almost certainly offer me a Customs clearance service and a UK delivery service anyway.
(8)    I accept that it would  be VERY wise for me to discuss the charges mentioned in (3) above with my supplier before shipment and that I should  ask him to find out from his shipping agent what his ‘UK release agent’ will be charging me for Terminal Handling etc when the cargo is released from the warehouse.
(9)    I accept that George Baker Shipping are providing me with a great deal of FREE advice and assistance via the links below and that a requirement for any further consultation via telephone or email may be subject to a small fee of approx £25.00 which will be credited against my fee if I ultimately appoint George Baker Shipping Ltd as my independent clearing agent.
(10)    I appreciate that any apparent reluctance on the part of George Baker Shipping to offer me LCL Customs clearance is based on a genuine concern that I may not be aware of the limitations of the clearing agent’s control over LCL import process.