Customs Clearance Liverpool

Port of Liverpool – Introduction Liverpool is ranked among Britain’s and Northern Europe’s major container ports and handles nearly 700,000 teus (20ft container units) a year.Liverpool dominates Britain’s container trade with North America and serves more than 100 other non-EU destinations from China to India, Africa, Australia, the Middle East and South America. The Port is the UK’s leading gateway for imports of grain and animal feed, for the export of recycled metal and the movement of freight between Britain and Ireland.

We have extensive knowledge of import entry procedures and have served the ‘trade’ with proven reliability for 29 years. We offer UK importers and fellow UK based freight forwarding professionals the ultimate Customs clearance and port agency service.

Please rest assured that we take our responsibilities very seriously in relation to customer confidentiality and protection of data.

With direct computer links to H. M. Customs, we are able to provide a fast and efficient Customs clearance services at the following locations: