Customs Clearance Dover

The Port of Dover is Europe’s busiest ferry port, a vital international gateway for the movement of passengers and trade. George Baker Shipping has been an active member of the Dover Port Community since 2014. With inventory links operating on the Pentant system, we are able to quickly and efficiently clear your cargo arriving at Dover and discharge any associated Transit Documents. In April 2016 George Baker Shipping opened an office in Dover allowing us to expand the range of services and support we are able to offer.

For fastest possible clearance it is important that our customers provide prior notice, instructions and documentation to George Baker Shipping ideally 12 hours before the freight arrives at Dover. We can arrange clearance at Dover if the cargo has already arrived however this can cause delays for the driver awaiting clearance and possible parking charges. The driver on arrival will need to report directly to the Freight Services Agency (FSA) which is now operated by MOTIS. The driver must tell the FSA office that he is arrived and that the Customs Clearance agent is George Baker (Shipping) Ltd. On confirmation of the truck and trailer numbers the office will locate the pre-lodged George Baker Shipping documentation and activate the clearance process.MOTIS is open 24/7 and in addition to handling large volumes traffic MOTIS also has excellent parking and rest facilities for drivers whilst they await notification of the Customs clearance. Also, UK Border Forces Dover office is located in the same building and as such any examinations can be completed on site.

  • George Baker Shipping Ltd offers comprehensive Customs clearance facilities at the Port of Dover.
  • Customs entry declarations at Dover are submitted electronically via the Dover DTI system operated by Pentant Ltd.
  • George Baker Shipping Ltd is computer linked to the Pentant ‘Custlink’ system and is a recognised Dover badge holder.
  • Up to 10,500 trucks currently pass through Dover daily via ferry crossings operated by PO Ferries and DFDS.
  • Only about 5% of trucks currently require Customs clearance but this could possibly become 100% Post Brexit depending on the final deal reached between the UK and the EU.
  • Vehicles requiring import or export Customs clearance must follow the ‘Freight Clearance’ signs and report directly to the Port of Dover Freight Services Agency (FSA) situated at the Western Docks. The 24/7 freight clearance facility is operated by MOTIS and provides excellent parking a rest facilities for drivers whilst they wait for clearance.   George Baker Shipping Ltd is an account holder with MOTIS.
  • The George Baker shipping office is located within Lord Warden House just across the road from MOTIS at the Western Docks but there is no requirement for drivers to attend the office. It is more important for drivers to park and wait at MOTIS where they can be easily contacted and immediately notified when cleared and free to proceed.
  • Clearance procedures for import and exports at Dover are different from those at most UK container ports and we at George Baker Shipping recommend that our customers provide us with prior notice, instructions and documentation ideally about 12 hours before arrival or departure of their freight.  This should enable us to offer a fast and efficient 24/7 service which is necessary to keep trucks moving and to avoid unnecessary parking charges at the port.
  • Services offered by George Baker Shipping at Dover include Import Customs Clearance (including T1 discharge), Export (NES) Clearance, Community Transit Documents (T1 and T2), Export T2L Documentation and Export EUR1/ ATR1 certificates.

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