Making Community Transit declarations to HM Revenue and Customs (N.C.T.S.)

Community Transit is an electronic system that allows goods to move between two points within the UK or European Community without being subject to import duties and other charges. Goods destined for an EC destination (the Netherlands for example) arriving into a UK sea port from outside the EC (China for example) do not necessarily have to be Customs cleared and duty paid on arrival at the UK port. Providing that a Community Transit Guarantee documentation is in place, it is possible for the goods to be Customs cleared  in the EC country of destination with any import duties and taxes being paid at the local rates applicable in that EC country. 

Goods moving in the UK or EC under a Community Transit Guarantee documentation are often referred to as ‘T1 goods’ . 

A ‘T1’ is a N.C.T.S. declaration document.ET1.

You can use an authorised agent to make N.C.T.S.declaration on your behalf. 

For traders who are not linked to the N.C.T.S. system for Community Transit and who do not hold the appropriate Customs Guarantee we provide a fast, efficient and very cost effective solution..  

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